• The Bible talks about how the power of God can destroy a yoke, and remove the burden. A yoke in biblical times refers to the yoke used to harness oxen. The ox is a huge beast, with mammoth strength, and if you tried to harness it at its adult stage, you couldn’t contain its power, it would kill you. So while it was still young, they would yoke its neck, and put it in the field so that, as it grew into adulthood, it would take on the shape of the yoke. You would restrain it early to hold it in a simple way of living for the rest of its life.

    When the enemy wants to destroy your life, he doesn’t wait until you’re fifty-three. He does it at age five, seven, twelve, fourteen. What does he want to do? He wants to bring an event into your life that is so traumatic—an abuse, a hurt, a rejection, a family being torn apart, the loss of a loved one—that you feel incapable of overcoming it. He wants to bring it in early so that he can yoke you as a youth and make sure that your life takes on the pattern of what happened to you when you were young.

    He wants you to be introduced to pornography at age nine. He wants you to get involved in some sexual experience by age ten or eleven. He had to have something happen to you to grasp hold of your life, because if he had waited till you got mature in life and mature in God, his chances of restraining you would be slim. However, if he can get you when you are young, he can steal your life and form every relationship out of that yoke.

    The yoke keeps you going into the same pattern of unhealthy relationships. You keep ending up with the same kind of failures in the workplace. You can’t get along with people. It’s different people, different times, different ages, but always the same problem. Just think how far some of you would be in life, if you weren’t stuck in that yoke.

    Relationship Builder Action Step: Examine your life and the things you struggle with. When was it first an issue? Where did it develop? What’s the root? Identify it, and begin the process of forgiveness, healing, and recovery.

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    1. Michelle
      Posted on March 16th

      So much time lost and so much angry geared toward God because of the yoke that the enemy placed on my life . I was sexually abused at the age 3 years old by my uncle I have carried that burden for so long that it has become apart of who I am. I no longer want to define myself as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse i want to look in the mirror and like what I see looking back at me .

    2. Jamie Taylor
      Posted on March 16th

      This is the most truthful message I have ever heard yet!, Everyone needs to hear this!! It will set you free!!

    3. Sarahbeth
      Posted on March 16th

      This realatiionship builder was preached on June,14 2009. I know this because it was the day i committed my life to christ. It was as if every word was for me. Amazing message, i still watch the dvd from it. and then again when is Ron’s messages not an amazing message

    4. Posted on March 16th

      Wow!! Confirmation of what i had been teaching on recently.

    5. Kandy
      Posted on March 16th

      Thank you, for always shedding Light in this dark world we live in.

    6. James
      Posted on March 21st

      well the yoke i have read hit we right in my face i was sexaully abused when i was a little boy and i am 57 now but it has been with me all my life and it has cause me alot of trouble all my life and at my work place.I want to change i am tired looking at my self and hating my self.

    7. Hope
      Posted on March 22nd

      My spouse was sexually abused and physically abused from 12yrs to his early 20′s by many people he was supposed to trust and PROTECT him. And for him its a day to day struggle to overcome. It also affects his work place, friendships, our relationship, and MOSTLY his relationship w/ GOD. All I can do is pray that God will one day help break him of that HOLD that it has on him.

      Thanks for message pastor Im totally passing this one to several people i know that could use it!!

    8. Julia Blakeney, 24yrs.
      Posted on March 28th

      I too can relate to the comments written above. I’m not proud of myself and beat myself down more often than not. There’s times when I become so depressed it feels like I shouldn’t talk to God, not because I’m angry at Him, but because I feel ashamed. There are things I’ve done that deserve death, but I am so thankful to hear the constant message of forgiveness through Christ Jesus. I’ve been sober for 1 year now because of God and the many devoted people He always sends to cross paths with. Forgiveness and Love. Thanks Pastor Ron. Keep us all in prayer, and all of you, know that God is going to get you through. He is our Healer. I love you all for sharing. Your comments help too. Thanks. God bless you all.

    9. tommy
      Posted on April 6th

      I heard on the discovery channel, that the size of the oak tree. has a lot to do with the amount of termites at it roots. If we want to minimize the size, we have to reduce the amount of termites.

    10. Vicki
      Posted on April 13th

      Oh my ever loving God! Guess why I’ve never heard it said this way? Don’t let the enemy continue to steal one moment more the joy that is bestowed upon us.. Thank you Ron Carpenter… God Bless you and continue His favor upon you. In Jesus name I pray amen.

    11. ron
      Posted on April 15th

      relatiionships 101 preach it ron…..that was one of the best sermons i have ever heard…

    12. ron
      Posted on April 15th

      relationships 101 preach it ron…..that was one of the best sermons i have ever heard…

    13. Penny Comeaux
      Posted on April 17th

      This message is so very true! Everything in our life is reflected on the way we were raised in our own home. Unfortunately I was reminded by a friend how our generation was introduced to television and that is where a lot of the breaking down in home values started. Only a few stayed close to the children and trained them up in the way they should go – a family walk in the Word of God. But, now I believe God is raising up ones that have experience deliverance through Jesus Christ’s blood, have walked through some hard things in life only to bring deliverance to this generation. You are a blessings to the Body of Christ, rest in God during this time and He will use You Mighty to bring deliverace to even a religious system who needs deliverance and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    14. Reta
      Posted on April 17th

      Ron I wanted to express to you how much your teachings have impacted my life. This message hit me like a brick. It changed me forever. I won’t give voice to my yokes but I will say that I am so on my way Praise God. Thank You and your family for teaching God’s Word with such Fire. IMay God richly bless you and your family

    15. Mary Petty
      Posted on April 26th

      I never thought that the things that I faced when I was little was an attack on me at such an early age. Come to think of it I remember asking God why did he spare me during Kidney disease. Now I know and I have my answers. I had to go through these things to create the strength within me that I now have. I want to spread the word of the Lord and I also want to help my kids to know the truth about Jesus. I still struggle and I am not perfect but I have one agenda I am after Gods heart and the Holy walk that I will have one day when it is time. God Bless you and your wonderful family.. This is a great Church and Church Family. God Bless

      Posted on May 4th


    17. Leslie
      Posted on June 11th

      My father sexually abused me when I was 18 months old until the day I was given the courage to say no to him, around the age of 5 or 6. God Almighty gave me the courage and strength even at this early age to speak up, and He removed any memory except that all important one of me saying NO! The mental conditioning of the abuse has had a long lasting affect on my life. But I praise my Lord for his faithfulness to help me push threw all the obstacles that the enemy has put in place. And I know that my true Father is in Heaven and He loves me so! And He heals me on a daily basis. Thank you Apostle for bringing the truth of God’s word to all who needs to hear His message.

    18. J. Mathew
      Posted on June 12th

      Thanks for being so open and transparent! This is a great topic that no one else is dealing with.

    19. Melissa
      Posted on June 14th

      To God be the Glory that I’m free from the yoke that had a hold on my life for twenty years. I was sexually abuse at the age of 7 by my oldest brother; I accepted Christ as my Lord & Savior at the age of 13; I told my parents about what happen to me when I was 27 & I inform my oldest brother that I knew what he did to me when I was 7….his comment was that he didn’t know why he did it and he was very sorry. I thank God for his Grace & Mercy that help me become free of this yoke that had a hold on my life. I thank God that there are no more Chains holding me because I’m free from all things past. Be Bless & continue to believe because Christ has risen for you & me.

    20. Tina
      Posted on June 14th

      WOW!!! I’m speechless……Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It seems like you send the right thing at the right time.

    21. Robin E Davis
      Posted on June 16th

      Your message has burned in my heart all day. I have oftened asked God ‘why do you allow children to be born knowing they will suffer”? Years of continual torment has left me exhausted, emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. I walked away from God several years ago when the church turned their back on me and blamed God for it. I have returned to the fold again and am seeking His divine intervention to heal my broken spirit. I could write a book on what I have endured and survived, but ask for your prayers as I humbly seek God for answers and forgiveness in questioning His love and direction in my liife.

    22. Chris Craig
      Posted on June 17th

      So True! I printed out this peice for my daughter to read. I immediately thought of her and her life. Good Lord Please let this article hit home in her heart so that she may better her heart and life. Amen and Amen

    23. Brenda
      Posted on June 18th

      The question is how do I help my 12 year old daughter, who lost her father to an accident 8 months ago, rise above the trauma and not be scarred by that? What can I do to make sure that her yoke is not disformed around trauma?

    24. Hugo
      Posted on June 18th

      WoW! this is just what I needed to hear! I have never heard anything like this before!
      God Bless You, Apostle Ron. Keep Preaching The Truth!

    25. First Lady Stephanie May
      Posted on June 22nd

      What an absolute truth this is! It reminds me of the scripture that what enters a man is not what defiles him but what comes out of the man that defiles him. If we come to the realization that what happens to us has NO POWER to defile us but we hold the power ourselves by our REACTION such freedom would come! Praise God, it was for freedom he set us free!

    26. Catalina Moore
      Posted on June 26th

      I really enjoy how you explain the different issues that we all face in life. The bible is fascinating & you make it that much more interesting. I really enjoy your teaching & wish you were on t.v. more often than Sunday @ 8:30 on TBN.

    27. Frances Murphy
      Posted on June 29th

      Requesting Prayer for My Daughter:
      Dianne , is having a second surgery on her neck July 1,2010 , fracture didn’t heal correctly from
      surgery in February 2010, they will take a piece of bone from her hip and place it in her neck.
      Pleas pray that she will heal completely this time around. she has been having problems for 3 years, it is affecting her marriage
      and she is unable to work, on very strong pain medication, also pray that she be delivered from cigarettes, doctors believe that is the
      reason she didn’t heal correctly the first time, they used a cadaver bone, in February’s surgery, and Please Pray for her
      husband Jim to be delivered from alcohol and cigarettes, and he has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
      I know that God can heal, It is already ours.
      God Bless you , your family, staff and everyone that God touches through your ministry.
      I watch you on TV, you minister to me , thank you for being so plain spoken about the word of God. I am disable
      so the TV and my bible and study books are my interaction with God’s people.

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