About The Necessity of an Enemy

The thing that stands in your way might be the very thing that creates your breakthrough.


On the road to your God-designed destiny, opposition—and even persecution—always come. This happens because the common hate the uncommon, the impure hate the pure, the unrighteous hate the righteous, and the lazy despise the diligent. When a person gets a picture of what God wants in their life, that’s when an enemy shows up. The appearance of an enemy is a simultaneous announcement that the next stage of a believer’s future is about to be born.

While often seen as negative adversaries only, enemies bring tests that build strength, expose weaknesses that demand correction, and help turn lethargy into energized creativity. Human nature is such that opposition and testing are necessary to bring out a person’s best qualities. And if the real purposes of the enemy are not understood, disappointment and defeat are likely.

In The Necessity of an Enemy, Ron Carpenter equips believers to recognize and overcome sources of adversity to complete a necessary step in gaining personal maturity and advancing God’s kingdom. It’s time we embrace our enemies!

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