Prayer That Healing Would Arise

Prayer That Healing Would Arise


“Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for the healing of broken hearts. I pray for the healing of tired minds—that are not just tired in their body but their soul is tired as well. I pray for those who are sick in their hearts because hope deferred makes the heart sick. They keep getting their hopes up and their hopes keep getting dashed so they just quit believing. I pray for those with sick faith—faith that has been so repeatedly tested that it is now in jeopardy. I pray for those who are sick in their body, maybe even those that have experienced or are experiencing the result or the residue of COVID. I pray for those with a sick economy, which maybe four months ago was strong but now they’re struggling to make ends meet as they’ve not been allowed to work. I pray for sickness anywhere that it’s showing up in our lives—You are the God that heals. And Lord, the fact that I’m calling on You shows that I have faith. I have faith to believe that You are able to touch each and every one of these areas of our lives and pay special attention to it in such a way that it is turned around. So God in the name of Jesus, let healing rise in my brothers and sisters in the area they need You most desperately. In Jesus’ name, amen!”


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